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The Computer Can Become a Part of Every Senior Citizen's Life!

Welcome to the Golden Mouse Club!

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The Golden Mouse Club is a resident sponsored computer club founded in 1997. It has become a vital and enriching part of the lives of the residents in all levels of living at Messiah Village of Mechanicsburg, PA.

Life Enhancing Results

The computer can be life-enhancing for all residents. It provides opportunities for easier communication and social interaction, regardless of the resident's level of living. Using the computer promotes:

  • A more active mind

  • Increased social interaction

  • Fun times playing games such as Solitaire, Scrabble and Freecell.

  • Endless research ability with Google

  • Thousands of Hymns


  • Worldwide contact with family and friends without the need of paper or postage.

  • Research topics of interest.

  • Discover the convenience of on-line shopping.

  • Share photos of family and friends.


  • National and Local Recognition: Golden Mouse Club featured on National TV on GMA with Diane Sawyer and our Local ABC 27 with Chuck Rhodes.

  • Special recognition of the club at the Pennsylvania Association of Non-Profit Homes for the Aging.

Chuck Rhodes Out & About

Chuck Rhodes Video

Chuck Rhodes, prominent TV correspondent of ABC27, interviews Messiah Village Residents.

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Never touched a mouse?

Click the link below for some easy and fun lessons to help you on your way to learning how to use a mouse.

"Mousing Around"

Some of the learning opportunities GMC provides

"Mouse Tracks"

Learn how to use the mouse by playing games. Small class sizes provide a more personal instructional environment. Lots of fun!

"Internet Guidelines"

Guidance for using home computers and computers provided by Messiah Village

"Computer Basics"

Learn to write letters, make schedules, and more!

"How to Use a USB Flash Drive" 

A flash drive is a small, portable storage device that can be used to take documents and pictures with you.

"Computer Maintenance"

Keep your computer running at its peak.

Bulletin Board

Frequent meetings are held in our Community room giving a wide variety of information about using computers. .

Help with using the computer, Monday 9-11:00 am
Bailey Street Computer Classroom

Photo Gallery  Photo Gallery
Check it out!
Check out the
"Introduction to Computers"  
Graduating Classes
Graduating Classes

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